Burlington Northern

By Chad Kluck on
Picture of Burlington Northern 2808
Burlington Northern 2808, an EMD GP39M, near Vine and H Street in Fremont, Nebraska, August 1999
Picture of Burlington Northern 2808

My favorite railroads would have to be Burlington Northern and the Denver and Rio Grande Western. I didn't see too much BN activity growing up unless I was at my dad's work where the tracks went by or on our way down to Lincoln, NE. I had a BN box car on my HO scale layout and I remember drawing the logo as a kid. Somehow the way they put the B and the N together in one symbol was pretty cool. I also think the green reminded me of my dad's work in the early days. He originally worked for Dekalb, which brought a lot of green to my life as that was one of their main colors too.

BN Track ran through the golf course when I was on the high school golf team, and that is when I first saw the newer cabless units. They also still used the cabooses at that time.

Now, the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe is a different story. The merger to me does not have any nostalgic value. I miss seeing the green and white locos (the cascade green paint scheme), but every once and a while I can catch one going back home along Hwy 77 through Homer, NE, or sitting on the tracks in Fremont, NE. There is a BNSF shipping container yard in St. Paul, but I haven't come across too many there. Thank goodness I have my N scale train case to look at in order to get my dose of the BN cascade green.

My thoughts about DRGW will have to wait for another post.