Burlington Northern 2808, an EMD GP39M, near Vine and H Street in Fremont, Nebraska, August 1999

Burlington Northern 2808, an EMD GP39M, near Vine and H Street in Fremont, Nebraska, August 1999

My favorite railroads would have to be Burlington Northern and the Denver and Rio Grande Western. I didn’t see too much BN activity growing up unless I was at my dad’s work where the tracks went by or on our way down to Lincoln, NE. I had a BN box car on my HO scale layout and I remember drawing the logo as a kid. Somehow the way they put the B and the N together in one symbol was pretty cool. I also think the green reminded me of my dad’s work in the early days. He originally worked for Dekalb, which brought a lot of green to my life as that was one of their main colors too.

BN Track ran through the golf course when I was on the high school golf team, and that is when I first saw the newer cabless units. They also still used the cabooses at that time.

Now, the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe is a different story. The merger to me does not have any nostalgic value. I miss seeing the green and white locos (the cascade green paint scheme), but every once and a while I can catch one going back home along Hwy 77 through Homer, NE, or sitting on the tracks in Fremont, NE. There is a BNSF shipping container yard in St. Paul, but I haven’t come across too many there. Thank goodness I have my N scale train case to look at in order to get my dose of the BN cascade green.

My thoughts about DRGW will have to wait for another post.

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  1. Sandi
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    When I was a young girl, many, many years ago. My dad worked for the BN in Fremont. He retired after 44 years. Anyway, my dad would take on extra jobs with the rail road. Mostly to keep me and my 4 siblings off the streets. He would pay us more than he ever received, I’m sure! Anyway, when I was a young girl, many, many years ago, one of these jobs was to oil the train car wheels. I loved getting up early on Saturday mornings and heading down to the tracks across from Hormels. He would be oiling the cars sometimes as they were leaving. The engineers would let me climb inside and ride the train back to the depot! I loved that part the most looking out the window and waving to people when we would arrive. They always had peppermint candies for me! By the time I had children they wasn’t able to do what I had done. Too bad, what an experience it was!
    Later on when I was older, then I had to start working jobs with my brothers. Counting and restacking meat hooks and the best one of all…Grain Doors! Ugh!
    My father was paid 12 a grain door. We either unload or loaded 60-75 lbs grain doors. The summers were so hot and hard to breath in the train cars or we froze trying to get the doors apart as they were always frozen together! My dad had the hardest job which was carring them and stacking them in neat piles. We would unload them in Fremont, Ashland, Ithica, Lincoln and a few other small town with grain elevators. The worst jobs I ever had to endure, but the best jobs I ever did. Those jobs kept my family close and we got to see how my dad worked!
    I miss my dad to this day, but I will always have these great memories with him!

    Sandi Larsen, Fremont, NE

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