I have uploaded all of my pictures of Fremont, Nebraska, in the rrpics gallery. There are three main dates that I took pictures, 1999, August 2000, and August 2006. There were quite a few changes by time I took the last set of pictures. I’m now working on getting some of the structures in my wiki at rrwiki.chadleighkluck.net and finding older photos on the internet to link to.

It’s been a long journey to get this far, but I am glad my old paper photos of Fremont are now digital. It was my largest collection. Now I have about just as many photos left of other cities and railroads. I had a major set back because earlier this summer, after I had scanned in all the photographs and organized them on my computer, my computer crashed before I could upload them. Also, I found out my backup catalog was corrupted and I lost nine months of work including family photographs.

My backup software again died, this time letting me know though, and so I am now using the Microsoft Backup that comes with Windows. A few other software packages have stopped working on my computer including TiVo Desktop. I am very paranoid about loosing all of this stuff again and am happy I now have copies of my Fremont pics on the Internet.

Anyway, I’ve done a lot of searching through history in order to figure out what the buildings were originally named, as well as when they were built. You can view the Fremont, Nebraska pictures on Picasa.

I also have a lot of old post cards included in the collection on the wiki.

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