My last post about the MN Zephyr Railroad Crossings inspired Paul, my co-worker, to recommend train themed music on the Monday, November 16, 2009, episode of Career Talk on KUST. I went with the idea and here is our song list with a link to listen to the hour long episode:

  • “Wreck of the Old ’97” – Johnny Cash, Live at San Quentin
  • “New Train” – John Prine, Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessing
  • “Ride the Train” – Lonnie Knight, I Wrote My Name On You
  • “Train, Train (Prelude)” – Blackfoot, Strikes
  • “Train, Train” – Blackfoot, Strikes
  • “Two Trains” – Little Feat, Live From Neon Park
  • “I Don’t Feel Like a Train” – John Gorka, Temporary Road
  • “Folsom Prison Blues” – Johnny Cash, The Legend of Johnny Cash
  • “Home” – Dot Dot Dot, [album] 1 (KUST Rotation)
  • “I Love You, But Goodbye” – Langhorne Slim, Set Free (KUST Rotation)
  • “Train of Love” – Neil Young, Sleeps With Angels
  • “Freedom Train” – Toots Hibbert, Toots In Memphis
  • “Train Ride In G” – Mason Williams, Music 1968-1971
  • “Train In The Distance” – Paul Simon, Hearts and Bones
  • “My Friends” – Hey Ocean!, It’s Easier to be Somebody Else (KUST Rotation)

Career Talk for November 16, 2009: Trains

We are required to play at least three songs from the KUST Rotation (play list) every hour, I have included those in the list above. All songs are submitted by KUST to an authority for use and royalty payments.

Some background: KUST is the Internet based campus radio station of University of St. Thomas (UST). I am the Technical Analyst for the UST Career Development Center where one of my responsibilities is the Career Talk Technical Engineer. Paul and I co-program/host Career Talk live Monday at noon and make it available via podcast. We fill air time with music and career related segments (after all, our department is the Career Development Center).

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