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Here is the second of four videos shot on my trip capturing BNSF 6318 (a GE ES44AC) and BNSF 9204 (an EMD SD70ACe) pulling a nice collection of covered hoppers and tankers.

I was so ecstatic blogging about my first video posted to YouTube, I didn’t really think about telling the story.

When I was back in Nebraska a few weeks ago, my friend, Grant, and I spent an afternoon train-watching around Fremont. Our first trip was north on Luther Road to Nickerson, where the road crossed the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) as well as Fremont, Elkhorn Valley Railroad (FEVR) trackage a few times. Our main goal was to see the relatively new gates and signals at the Highway 91 crossing. On our way up, we saw headlights in the distance coming north so we hurried up the final 5 miles or so and positioned ourselves. Within 20 minutes the short train came by.

Soon after, we packed up, headed down Highway 77, and stopped at Airport Road and 23rd Street in Fremont just so I could snap a few pics of my dad’s old work (the corn processing plant you see in the background of this video near the end when it pans to follow the final car). As we got out of the car we saw headlights down near Linden Street crossing coming towards us so I quickly grabbed my tripod and set it up once again–this time trying to avoid the wind and making it stand taller. As the train came roaring past I could feel the ground rumble beneath my feet (there is some evidence of this in the video).

BNSF train on west side of Fremont, Nebraska

BNSF 6318 (GE-ES44AC) and BNSF 9204 (an EMD SD70ACe) is rounding the curve on the west side of Fremont, Nebraska, pulling a train of covered hoppers and tankers. Picture was taken at the 23rd Street crossing by Airport Road and 23rd Street.

After this we made a quick stop by the FEVR (Fremont and Elkhorn Valley Tourist Railroad – didn’t capture video, but again many stills are in my photo library) and then to downtown to catch some Union Pacific (UP) action which I will share next time.

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