I’ve really taken to my Flip video camera and started capturing location shots where I walk around an area filming video giving a short tour with annotations. This can be done in about 30 minutes and, if I am careful about my shots, it requires little editing. I’m getting better with steadying my hand and panning, but I still need to find a solution for the lack of a wind guard on the Flip. There is a modification article, but I’m not so gung-ho on super gluing mic foam on my pristine camera just yet. I had a similar idea, but it involved banding or clipping the mic foam on. At least I know that if a professional is solving the problem this way, I am on the right track (no railroad pun intended).

In this video I explore what is left of mile 7 on the Northern Pacific Railway’s Skally Line near County Road D in Maplewood, Minnesota. This portion of the line was abandoned by the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1987.

The site features a historical marker, the old County Road D railroad bridge that was used before it was filled in underneath and rerouted to the south (where you see cars driving on the start), the I-694 railroad bridge turned walking path, a rusted Burlington Northern Railroad “buried communication cable” sign, and the end of the current line to the north used by Minnesota Commercial Railway. On one of the rails you can read that it was manufactured by the Lackawanna Steel Company in 1937. More about rail stamping may be found in Railway Age Gazette, Volume 55.

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