This is video from three separate runs of Minnesota Commercial along the Hugo line in June of 2010. This particular portion of the line starts at M&D Junction just south of Hwy 96 and Hwy 61 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. It then goes as far north as Hugo where it serves a construction company and oil product company. I am unsure of the type of oil, but it could be food grade.

We start out with MNNR 2002 (GE B23-7) on the return trip with a great sounding horn and bell at US Hwy 61 and MN Hwy 96.

A few blocks north, on a different day, we see MNNR 42 (GE SF30B) coming into downtown White Bear Lake along Hwy 61 on its trip north to Hugo (1:28). There are great sounds of the crossing bells as well as the train horn. As you can tell, 42 is an ex-Santa-Fe engine.

We then follow Engine 48 (GE B30-7) from Hugo (3:42) across several crossings into White Bear Lake. It is a pretty easy task since the train only travels at 10 MPH. I was able to watch the train depart, walk a half block to my car, and drive down to 120th Street (5:18) with plenty of time to spare. I also caught it at Buffalo Street (6:22) and 2nd Street in White Bear Lake (8:01). While all clips pretty much have great horn sounds, the final clip at 2nd Street also captured the crossing bells.

You may also watch and/or comment on YouTube if you prefer.

[iframe 640 390]

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  1. John Edge
    Posted July 19, 2011 at 10:15 pm | Permalink

    Hi Chad,
    Lovely videos and an interesting little story there.
    I really like the MNNR but can only experience it from sites like yours as I’m based in the UK!
    So, many thanks indeed for sharing.
    All the best,
    John E.

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