Here’s a recent note from Grant Rosenthal, whom I consider to be my Nebraska correspondent:

Have you ever checked out the Facebook page for the Nebraska Central Railroad?  If not, you should.  There are some neat pictures of them rebuilding the Norfolk bridge that collapsed last year.

The Norfolk to Columbus line is still in heavy use, so much that they have recently added a 2 mile long sidetrack, just West of Columbus, yet I haven’t seen a Nebraska Central engine running on it in a couple of years.  Every time I see a train on it, I see Union Pacific engines.  I don’t know if they sold their own engines and are leasing U.P.s.  Maybe they bought some old engines from U.P. and just haven’t got around to repainting them yet, or maybe they are using both and I just haven’t seen the NC lately.

The railroad’s parent website (Rio Grande Pacific) still shows the NC engines, so maybe it is just a coincidence that I haven’t seen them lately.

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