I can honestly say I ate at a Woolworth's lunch counter as a kid when it occupied this location in the 1980s

I can honestly say I ate at a Woolworth’s lunch counter as a kid when it occupied this location in the 1980s

Beginning Wednesday, August 31, 2011, I will be live tweeting over on @k0rrx as I tour my old stomping grounds. It is an emotional occasion for me as my boyhood home has been sold, closing a chapter of my life. Though I will revisit the area as I still have family there, this will be my last trip “home.”

I will be posting several updates throughout each day about the trip, memories, historical places of interest, and, of course, rail-fanning. See where I went to school, where I ate ice cream, and the history I enjoyed learning.

I spent 18 years in Fremont, Nebraska, which is situated along the busy Union Pacific transcontinental route. BNSF also has a line going through town, and Chicago and North Western used to be quite active. There is a downtown area rich with history, and I want to capture and record  stores I went to, architecture I admired, and memories I acquired. This will truly be an experiment in virtual scrap booking and walking tours. After it is complete not only will I have been able to share a little about myself, but will have merged my love of technology with “history, nostalgia, and trains.” It will also be a short log of my childhood to pass down to my son and future generations.

Anyone wishing to join along live is welcome to do so by following @k0rrx on Twitter or text “follow @k0rrx” to 40404 (United States) to receive text updates. I will also post nightly updates to my Railroad Crossing Facebook page and Google+ account.

I expect to live tweet Wednesday through Friday as I visit Harriman Center (nerve center of the Union Pacific in Omaha), a Storm Chaser’s AAA baseball game, visit downtown shops, railfan along the UP and BNSF lines around Fremont, and stuff my face with Valentinos lasagna and Runza sandwiches–Nebraskans, you know what I am talking about! I checked my mobile data coverage and it should work. Again, it will be an experiment!

I hope you can join in either via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Feel free to message me as well.

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Originally from Nebraska, I am a history and railroad enthusiast currently living near Saint Paul, Minnesota. I enjoy trains, photography, and nostalgic memories, as well as the history of transportation, agriculture, eateries, breweries, and railroad towns. More...

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  1. Yvonne Fritz
    Posted October 2, 2011 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    I also lived in Fremont for the most of my married life, till 3 years after my husband passing.
    Fremont is where I first met my husband, as me, a friend & my cousins was sitting outside on my Uncles car as my Aunt & Uncle was sitting in a local tavern.
    We got married in Fremont Courthouse, Dec 5,1966, and shortly afterwards moved there.
    I used to shop at the clothing store it was called Mode a Day. It was on Main street. I bought my first dress there for my first date with my soon to been husband back then, ( of course at that time I didnt know he was going to be my husband lol)
    After we was married & moved to Fremont, I liked going to shop at Woolworths downtown. They served food there, which was awesome, and alot of good buys.
    Also down furthur on Main st was a cafe called back then The Chuck Wagon. That was where we spent our first date.
    On friday nights, I remember we go to Irvs Market that was right by the overpass, they served the best deep fried carp & fish, yummu potato salad, rye bread & pickle. Yum!!! You dont get that here in Oklahome which I had moved to 3 yrs after my husband had gotten hit by a drunk driver & killed instantly.
    Then Zestos ice cream on Military st, we lived down the steet from them, when our oldest daughter was about 1 years old, we walk down there to get a icecream cone sprinkled with crunchies, yummm…
    On the weekends, we drive out to Fremont Lakes, and play in the water on those hot summer days,
    My oldest daughter went to middle school there which was hwy#77 back then, cant remember what the st was called now.
    They had just put the overhead walk to cross over the road so kids didnt have to cross the busy street. It kept them dry and warmer thru the weather days.
    I moved away from Fremont close to 30 years ago, altho I still have 2 cousins that live back there. I sometimes really miss it, as alot of good memories there, with family and the friends we had there, which now some has either passed away or moved also. There is still some friends there, but I have lost contact with ove rthe years.

    So now when I want to see Fremont I go to Google site to their maps and imageing I can see and go down some of the streets where I used to live or places we would go to.
    I miss the old Safeway grocery store and the Fremont Mall. There used to be a drugstore in the Mall back in the 1970’s just cant recollect the name of it now.
    Alot of good memories, except one, thats the memory that the night my husband got killed walking along the highway 30 Oct 23rd. 1977. That nite my world ended as he died.

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