BNSF train rolls past a brick building with old paint advertising Home of SnowFlake Saltines where Saltines was painted over the word Sodas

BNSF 7893, a GE ES44DC, rolls past Nabisco’s former “Home of SnowFlake Saltines” (aka “SnowFlake Sodas”) in Spokane, Washington

My Spokane hotel room overlooked the BNSF line that ran through downtown. Every time I looked out the window my eyes were immediately drawn to the advertisement painted on the side of an old brick factory “Home of SnowFlake Saltines” and below that, “National Biscuit Company.”

What also intrigued me was that “Saltines” was obviously painted over the word “Sodas,” which meant it had originally advertised “SnowFlake Sodas” which wasn’t referring to a soda drink, but rather “soda crackers,” the common name for saltines at the time.

Upon closer inspection I noticed that the word “saltines” did not share the same font as the rest of the words above, noted by the the letter “s” in “SnowFlake,” however, “Sodas” did.

Just another example of the past resurfacing.

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