Events and Announcements

Events and announcements that are of particular interest to families with small children and rail, brewery, and history buffs. Events are typically those focusing on the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Metro area and, on occasion, Omaha, Nebraska.

Songs about Trains

My last post about the MN Zephyr Railroad Crossings inspired Paul, my co-worker, to recommend train themed music on the Monday, November 16, 2009, episode of Career Talk on KUST. I went with the idea and here is our song list with a link to listen to the hour long episode: “Wreck of the Old […]


The Effects of Progress

Disclaimer: In this posting I am not taking a stance as to whether or not demolition of older buildings that have historical, community, or emotional value is right or wrong to make room for the new. When ever certain buildings are demolished there is always a hole or a wrong felt by one side of […]