Tranquility in the train yard

Wow, there is nothing like walking under the stars across a train yard on a crisp winter’s night. I was alone among the old freight and passenger cars and I felt tranquility. The snow glistened under the yard lights, a clear sky revealed the stars and Venus who shined bright next to the cresent moon. […]


Elevators and Feed Mills

Along Old Lincoln Highway in Ames, Nebraska - January 2009

I enjoy photographing grain elevators and feed mills as they come in all shapes and sizes, are generally serviced by the railroad, and are vital to the local and national economy and food supply. Plus, growing up in Nebraska I saw a lot of them riding in the back seat of my parents’ car. If […]


Hotel Pathfinder through my grandparents’ camera lens – 36 years ago

Firefighters battle the fire in Hotel Pathfinder

The Hotel Pathfinder explosion occurred 36 years ago, on January 10, 1976. Last year I added some information about that tragic day in Fremont (Nebraska) history. This past year I acquired my grandparents’ collection of photos taken that day which I had mentioned in the 2011 post. I have no more text to add from […]


Christmas train around the tree

My son (at age 2) operating our Christmas train

One of my co-workers inquired about getting a train around the Christmas tree and whether I had any recommendations. Well, maybe she didn’t ask for a recommendation, but I gave her one anyway. My mom has an HO-Scale steam 4-4-0 locomotive with passenger cars around her tree, and in college I had an N-Scale Burlington […]


Tweets from home, an August visit to Fremont

505 Building

In August 2011, my boyhood home was sold and I wanted to record my memories and Fremont history during a “last visit.” I planned to live tweet as I went around, but unfortunately my phone’s data plan not work. Instead I saved the tweets and sent them out once I hit an area that provided […]


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