Land of Amber Waters by Doug Hoverson

Land of Amber Waters by Doug Hoverson provides a thorough look at brewing history in Minnesota. Below the sub-title, it does a play on a brewing statement from Grain Belt: “Researched Direct From Primary Sources and Properly Sterilized. Will Not Cause Biliousness.” A quick look at the notes section proves this to be true. The […]


Nebraska Central Railroad – Notes from Nebraska

Here’s a recent note from Grant Rosenthal, whom I consider to be my Nebraska correspondent: Have you ever checked out the Facebook page for the Nebraska Central Railroad?  If not, you should.  There are some neat pictures of them rebuilding the Norfolk bridge that collapsed last year. The Norfolk to Columbus line is still in […]


After Porky’s closed I added to my collection

When I was an undergrad I sometimes went to Porky’s, a drive-in diner on University Avenue in Saint Paul. I can’t say I was a frequent patron of the joint, but over my 14 years in Minnesota I’ve driven past it several times never missing a chance to take glance as I drove by. It […]


Brunswick Hotel and Restaurant building in Fremont, Nebraska

Just a block west from where the original street corner at 1st and D was plotted in Fremont, Nebraska, stands a building which for many years was a welcome sight to travelers who journeyed into the area by rail or along the Lincoln Highway. Though it has been a long time since it gave weary […]


Following Minnesota Commercial from White Bear Lake to Hugo

This is video from three separate runs of Minnesota Commercial along the Hugo line in June of 2010. This particular portion of the line starts at M&D Junction just south of Hwy 96 and Hwy 61 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. It then goes as far north as Hugo where it serves a construction company […]


35 years ago today: Hotel Pathfinder explosion

Hotel Pathfinder Postcard

Any historian focusing on the history of Fremont, Nebraska, will find themselves devoting days, if not weeks, into researching the Hotel Pathfinder and the tragic events of January 10, 1976. Though my birth-date would occur over a year later, as a children my generation would hear stories of the devastation from teachers, relatives, and local […]


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