Photos and Videos

As an amateur photographer and videographer, I’ve captured many images that give a look into history and railroading. Much of the subject matter takes place around the Platte River Valley in Eastern Nebraska as well as the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area and surrounding communities.

Following Minnesota Commercial from White Bear Lake to Hugo

This is video from three separate runs of Minnesota Commercial along the Hugo line in June of 2010. This particular portion of the line starts at M&D Junction just south of Hwy 96 and Hwy 61 in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. It then goes as far north as Hugo where it serves a construction company […]


A “Ballast Tamper” tamps ballast – I knew that

We regularly slow down, or rather are forced to come to a complete stop, and watch road construction crews. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I love seeing big machines rip stuff up, dig holes, or lift heavy steel beams into place. The equipment is familiar: cranes, front end loaders, excavators, bulldozers, and skid-steers with […]


Rail Stamps

While exploring the remnants of the Skally in Maplewood, Minnesota, back in June (watch video on YouTube), I was able to examine some track up close. I always try to find dates on items and was not totally surprised to find the rails marked with number codes, the name Lackawanna, and the year 1937. A […]


Ghost Tracks in White Bear

On an outing this summer trying to capture pictures of the old White Bear Boat Works (Johnson Boat Works) I came across a startling discovery: Ghost Tracks. While exploring the pedestrian path that crosses the ex-Northern Pacific Skally Line (now run by Minnesota Commercial Railroad) I noticed the path didn’t cross just one, but two […]


Eastbound Coal Train Picture Sequence

The following is a sequence of photos taken June 4, 2009, in Fremont, Nebraska of an eastbound Union Pacific coal train. There were two engines in front and one trailing. I was able to gather engine information just by doing a Google search for keywords “Union Pacific 5967” and “Union Pacific 6684.” As always, […]


Video of Griswold Signals at 22nd Ave NE

Griswold rotating banner signal at 22nd St NE in Minneapolis

This is related to my previous post about the dentist office trip yielding a rare find. While snapping a few pics I also captured some video of the area for later reference. This is the second location explore video in what seems to be the start of a series. In the video: A view of […]


The Wail of the Horn

At the start of April, while in Fremont, I lay there awake next to my wife in a double bed at my parent’s house. Our son was asleep in the next room after a long day of playing with Grams. Sleep had come to him quickly after another reading of one of the Little Golden […]


Continuing on with YouTube… another BNSF (but less windy)

BNSF train on west side of Fremont, Nebraska

Here is the second of four videos shot on my trip capturing BNSF 6318 (a GE ES44AC) and BNSF 9204 (an EMD SD70ACe) pulling a nice collection of covered hoppers and tankers. I was so ecstatic blogging about my first video posted to YouTube, I didn’t really think about telling the story. When I was […]