Photos and Videos

As an amateur photographer and videographer, I’ve captured many images that give a look into history and railroading. Much of the subject matter takes place around the Platte River Valley in Eastern Nebraska as well as the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area and surrounding communities.

My first YouTube video… it involves trains!

BNSF 2828 and BNSF 1503 approaching Highway 91 north of Nickerson, Nebraska

I finally uploaded my first video to YouTube and yes, it involves trains! This is one of four videos captured on March 31, 2010, when Grant and I were train watching in Fremont, Nebraska. This was recorded at the Highway 91 Burlington Northern and Santa Fe crossing north of Nickerson, Nebraska. BNSF 2828 (GP39-2M) and […]


Interesting Switching

In my last post I mentioned blogging this time about a new program that helps organize photos three dimensionally. Well, June and July are my busiest months at work, which spills into my personal time, so needless to say I haven’t done all the research I would like before posting on such a topic. However, since it […]


Pictures of Fremont, Nebraska

I have uploaded all of my pictures of Fremont, Nebraska, in the rrpics gallery. There are three main dates that I took pictures, 1999, August 2000, and August 2006. There were quite a few changes by time I took the last set of pictures. I’m now working on getting some of the structures in my wiki at […]


Westminster Junction

A companion and I were able to take some time to visit Westminster Junction in St. Paul, Minnesota. What is unique about Westminster Junction is that it is one of the only places (or maybe the only place) in Minnesota where train tunnels exist. They were put in to help aide in traffic management of […]