Research and Resources

Many sources and methods are used to research and organize information about trains, railroads, and history. Information from various media such as books, videos, and articles may be gathered using online maps, galleries, and notes.

My research notes reside on the RRX WIKI with complete sources and references.

Land of Amber Waters by Doug Hoverson

Land of Amber Waters by Doug Hoverson provides a thorough look at brewing history in Minnesota. Below the sub-title, it does a play on a brewing statement from Grain Belt: “Researched Direct From Primary Sources and Properly Sterilized. Will Not Cause Biliousness.” A quick look at the notes section proves this to be true. The […]


Book: The Encyclopedia of Trains and Locomotives

Shortly after Christmas I was tipped off by a friend this book was in the bargain bin at Barnes and Noble. I had a gift card to a sport shop in that vicinity so I quickly headed out, swung by B&N and was able to snatch up the last copy at that location. Written by […]


Photosynth Part II: Why use and New Feature

Back in September I mentioned a photo stitching software called Photosynth. (Photosynth Part I, September 11, 2009). As a recap, Photosynth is very helpful when recreating a scene that you can “walk through.” However, it does take a little getting used to. Instead of going for the “money” shot, you end up canvasing an entire […]


Photosynth Part I: A free and easy way to stitch your photos together (In 3D)

One thing I’ve learned about my many experiences at the Minnesota State Fair is that people love the word “free”. I’ve been on both ends, receiving rulers, pens, pencils, and other products emblazoned with the logo of a company I will never contact, and (for five years) handing out those famous University of St. Thomas Purple […]


Book: The Taylors Falls and Lake Superior Railroad

“Going up north” is a tradition that most Minnesotans hold dear.  Up north can pretty much be anywhere north of the Twin Cities where people go on the weekends to a cabin they own or rent on or near a lake. I’ve enjoyed going up north with my wife both to our honeymoon spot near […]


Book: Comprehensive Railroad Atlas of North America

A friend turned me towards the Comprehensive Railroad Atlas of North America (published by SPV) as a resource to help me with finding old railroad lines and reconstructing them on Google Maps (see RR-XING Google Map project).  He loaned me the Dakota’s and Minnesota atlas and I was impressed. I actually ended up ordering both […]


Book: Railroad Signaling

I’m very interested in railroad signaling so I bought the book Railroad Signaling by Brian Solomon (MBI Publishing). For anyone, this will be a great source of information to learn the history of signaling, how it evolved, and how it is used today. Because of the explanation of the evolution, this book is useful for […]