Scale Modeling

Whether it be a single building, diorama, or layout, scale modeling can allow individuals to creatively tell a story about a particular time or place.

Water and Electricity – Ethan’s Model Train Update #1

Water, Power, and 3 Trees!

We have a new resident upstairs, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit named Rocky, so I moved my half of the office downstairs and created a hobby room. Along with that finally came space for my son Ethan’s model train which has been on hiatus for about a year. We had an old spare antique desk to […]


Christmas train around the tree

My son (at age 2) operating our Christmas train

One of my co-workers inquired about getting a train around the Christmas tree and whether I had any recommendations. Well, maybe she didn’t ask for a recommendation, but I gave her one anyway. My mom has an HO-Scale steam 4-4-0 locomotive with passenger cars around her tree, and in college I had an N-Scale Burlington […]


The Art of Scale Drawing

It was art time in our household so I set my son up with some paints, crayons and paper before I sat down next to him with my own pencil, scale ruler, graph paper, and numerous pictures of a building I was working on. “Are you not doing art with me?” He asked. “Yes I […]


Picking Locations and an Era

When a soon to be model railroader sits down and starts to design his (or her) layout, he (or she) will start by picking out a location and time period. The number of locations a model railroader picks are of course dependent upon space. Even within the locations, one needs to choose certain structures and areas as […]