Chicago and North Western 6934

CNW 6934 (SD40-2) stopped at the Main Street Crossing in Fremont, Nebraska. August 1999

In August of 1999 I caught a picture of Chicago and North Western #6934 stopped at the Main Street crossing in Fremont, Nebraska.


The Wail of the Horn

At the start of April, while in Fremont, I lay there awake next to my wife in a double bed at my parent’s house. Our son was asleep in the next room after a long day of playing with Grams. Sleep had come to him quickly after another reading of one of the Little Golden […]


Railroad Activity in Fremont, Nebraska

BNSF 2625 (Formerly ATSF 1425) is an EMD-GP35 built September 1965. It is shown here switching in Fremont, Nebraska, near vine street January 2, 2009.

I grew up in Fremont, Nebraska, which had a lot of railroad activity. The Union Pacific had two sets of track coming into town. One single track coming from Blair and Kennard which used to be operated by the Chicago and North Western, and a double track serving as the UP’s transcontinental route. We had […]