Hotel Pathfinder through my grandparents’ camera lens – 36 years ago

Firefighters battle the fire in Hotel Pathfinder

The Hotel Pathfinder explosion occurred 36 years ago, on January 10, 1976. Last year I added some information about that tragic day in Fremont (Nebraska) history. This past year I acquired my grandparents’ collection of photos taken that day which I had mentioned in the 2011 post. I have no more text to add from […]


35 years ago today: Hotel Pathfinder explosion

Hotel Pathfinder Postcard

Any historian focusing on the history of Fremont, Nebraska, will find themselves devoting days, if not weeks, into researching the Hotel Pathfinder and the tragic events of January 10, 1976. Though my birth-date would occur over a year later, as a children my generation would hear stories of the devastation from teachers, relatives, and local […]